3 Tips To Reset Your Weekend & Keep Your Health & Fitness On Track.

February 8, 2022
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A group of men starting the weekend in the pub

Guys we’ve been there. 

It gets to Friday – you are sick of work, you aren’t ready to go home and play husband and dad just yet.

You have made it to the gym a couple of times, keeping an eye on your food but on Friday afternoon you just can’t tolerate any more routine. 

Unleash the beast!

You just need a few hours to find yourself again, get your mojo back. Let’s go to the Pub!

As fantastic as it feels – it can easily get out of control. The beast doesn’t end on Friday – the booze and food can keep going all weekend and before you know it you have taken your foot off the pedal and you feel like your body is bloated and soft come Monday Morning.

This leaves you feeling demotivated to get back in the gym and tidy your food up.

And the “off the wagon” cycle can easily continue for a few weeks. It’s not unusual. 

The priority of diet and exercise will always subside through a weekend or holiday period. 

So how can we manage it better, so you can continue to see health and fitness results?

The trick is in manipulating your exercise and food to offset the overindulgence.

CR Performance shows clients that having control and choice over food will give them far more success than trying to avoid food or social situations that they like to be in. 

For long term control of our weight, we must have a flexible approach rather than a rigid one.

Treat your fitness regime like you treat your job.  If you have a bad day at work you don’t quit. 

You need to bring the same standards to your diet and exercise. Stay conscious in your pursuit of looking and feeling better.

If your weekend gets too carried away, there is a reliable strategy you can use to U-Turn it.

Here are 3 Tips to maintain your health and fitness results despite your heavy weekend.  

Tip 1. Go low or even zero carb – if you’ve been heavy on the junk this weekend you would have filled your glycogen stores right up to the top. This means unless you act quickly, these have a high potential to turn to fat.

Also as you have spent the last few days loading up, you definitely don’t need more carbs today. You will be in a craving zone for food, this is explained why in Tip 3.

The bloated feeling you have on a Monday is all down to an overdose in carbs. So spend Monday pulling them right back and replacing them with more fiber (veg & fruit). Fiber is a great way to stabilize blood sugars, and reduce inflammation which definitely occurs after a big weekend.

It also will give you a better result on the scales. Like a sponge in water, when you increase carbs you are saturating your muscles in sugar so it swells and weighs more.

Again this is likely to turn to fat unless they are drained from the body, so go low carbs on Mondays!

Tip 2. Lift weights ON MONDAY- Weight training will utilize all these stored carbs as energy.  Make sure to hit some big moves; deadlifts, squats etc. for maximum results.

Uncomfortable with Free Weights? This is something you need to practice to really take control of your health and fitness. The effects of your Weight Training are unmatched. Improving strength has a massive hormonal effect on your body leading to a faster metabolism.

The bigger the move the bigger response from your body.

Using these free weight moves will allow you to deplete excess carbs faster and get closer to burning body fat. A huge win when you spend all day sitting.

Tip 3. Eat high protein foods – This will assist in the stabilisation of insulin. After a carb-heavy few days, your insulin will be going crazy and make you crave even more junk food. 

It is almost like you are in a diabetic state after a weekend rich in food and alcohol. So bringing your insulin to baseline will help with tiredness and hunger.

Protein will keep you full for longer too as it is harder for the body to breakdown. Unlike carbs which are super easy to break down, which is why we can eat so many of them.

These simple rules will help reset your weekend of indulgence! 

Train and eat smart.


Team CRP



Chris Murray

Chris Murray

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