Change Your Habits & Behaviours To Make The Gym MUCH More Effective

February 8, 2022
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Have you ever tried to get leaner and lose the gut?

Of course, you have.

Was it successful?

Did you manage to keep it off?

Men over 30 working in an office, struggle mostly with having the time and the energy to get the results they want in the gym. When they do make it to the gym it’s hard t structure the nutrition to back it up.

So results are slow or non-existent.

But who doesn’t to look leaner, fill the arms in your t-shirt, out more tighten the man boobs, know your body looks good?

I am going to share with you the 1 things you have to do first before you try your next attempt. 

Because a huge number of diets fail, some say it’s 95% I’ve never seen evidence of that specific amount.

What we do know for sure is 

The majority of adults were overweight or obese;

 67% of men 

This included 26% of men who were obese in 2020. 

That is a BIG number.

So what is the issue?

There is a number of factors.

✅Stress – leads to irrational thinking 

✅Environment – (Of your office, of where you live etc)

✅Lack of sleep – Drives the  need for food, sugar in particular 

✅Lack of exercise – Of course 

✅Medication and health factors – Sometimes 

Most of these link to your behaviors and habits.

Which is the FIRST thing you have to consider.

Trying to stick to a ‘diet’ we know is not going to work. A diet is claiming you are never going to eat carbs from Monday or drink until next year. 

It won’t work. 

The reason you ended up overweight was that bit by bit your habits and behaviors got worse.

Sneaking the odd chocolate bar…is now one a day.

A wine on  Friday – Sunday, is now Wednesday -Sunday

Squeezing a couple of gym sessions a week  in – is now once every few months

Buying the odd packet of biscuits now a weekly occurrence 

These are all habits and behaviors but trying to cut them out in one swift swoop doesn’t work

Cutting carbs out 

Chocolate out 

Doing sit-ups every day 

These things don’t work 

Here’s what to do instead:

List all the behaviors that have crept in and are causing an issue for you.

Go through the list and think of a real change that can be made – and give that change a time frame. 


Instead of eating 10 biscuits a week, I will eat 8.

I will do this for 3 weeks and review it.

By taking them all away you put your brain on panic mode. The part that causes the chaos, tells you to skip the gym, eat the extra biscuit will be activated. And it will win. 

You must consider 

  • Your Schedule 
  • Your Mood 
  • Your Social Calendar 
  • Your Environment

For these changes to be successful. By giving your brain what it wants it is easier to create change. 

Changing behaviors takes time and you MUST be prepared to give it time. What Isn’t to say you can’t lose weight fast – you always drop pounds fast at the start because of your new enthusiasm and losing water weight.

But for it to stick you have to consider the habits, behaviors, and that part of your brain that wants to derail your choices.

Think smart, Act smart,  Lose the gut for good 




Chris Murray

Chris Murray

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    I worked with Bodytransformation during Lockdown on their online program. They showed me how to eat and exercise effectively, something i thought was straight forward but obviously not! I lost 2 stone (14kg) and i am pretty sure that if I hadn't have started the program woud have put more weight on! The guys are so professional and genuniely care about your result, highly reccomended!

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    February 28, 2021

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    September 28, 2018
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    September 28, 2018

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    September 28, 2018

    I have been working with Stuart for just under 3 months. In that time , I have lost nearly 2 stone and have gotten back into a healthy routine. His knowledge of 'what works' really shows. He keeps me focused and his engaging personality makes it a pleasure to work out with him.

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    September 28, 2018

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