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Do You Need A Sports Massage?

Sports massage is the process of using massage to relax muscles, tendons and connective tissue to help them relax and reduce the feeling of pain and stiffness.

What is unique about Sports Massage is that it is a deep tissue massage – this means it is firmer than others.

Muscle stiffness and pain can occur from numerous factors.

From assessments, we carry out with patients, the main reasons our clients experience stiffness and pain are:

  • Sitting for too long – This can cause muscles to be weak and tight.
  • Exercising strenuously – This can cause muscles to be fatigued and stiff

These are two prime examples of why you may need sports massage.


A Sports massage therapist helps realign muscle fibres and joints to correct areas of the body that are experiencing this feeling of discomfort.

Areas of the body that commonly require sports massage are:


  • The Neck and Shoulders
  • Lower back
  • Hips
  • Ankles and feet

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What will your sports massage appointment look like?

Your first session with your Sports massage therapist will be an assessment of your problem area.

We look at your range of movement, and the level of pain you may be in and will ask you further questions to find out the best way to solve the problem and give you the best pain management care possible.

Often our treatment will include hands-on massage of the area and easy-to-do rehab exercises, to be done at home or in the gym if you have access.


Improvements in 1 or 2 sessions 

 Patients tend to see improvement in 1 or 2 sessions of hands-on massage, and even further improvement once we add the corrective exercises like stretching and strength movements to ensure you can be pain-free as quickly as possible.





Sports Massage Movement Assessment

Often when someone is feeling stiff and in pain, it is a consequence of something else going on in the body. For example, we have spoken about how a sedentary lifestyle or strenuous exercise can lead to the feeling of high, stiff or painful muscles.

It is important to identify where these issues are originating from so that sports massage treatment can be most effective in reducing the symptoms, pain or discomfort.

For this reason, we go through a full body assessment to find the cause of the problem. We check what muscles are weak or tight, as well as the range of movement of your joints.

This leads to 2 modes of treatment to ensure pain is taken away for good!

1 – Deep Tissue Sports massage – designed to relax the muscle and reduce pain

2 – Strengthening exercises – To ensure the pain doesn’t come back

To give us the best chance of taking your pain away it has been proven strength exercises are the best way to keep the body as strong as possible. These may be done in a gym or at home but you are given a clear plan on how to remove your pain for good.


If you are in pain or are feeling stiffness in your body that you want removed, then get in touch with us today!

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What Our Clients Say...

  • I’ve been training with Daniel Grimes from Body Transformation for about 7 months now and I’ve lost about one stone since then. I feel so much stronger, healthier and in shape than ever before. He is an amazing trainer! I’ve learned quite a lot about training and nutrition from him and have finally found a routine that I can continue to work towards my end goals. Besides the actual in-person training, he keeps in touch between sessions with texts and emails to keep me motivated which is very encouraging. Daniel is really easy to talk to and fun to train with that you would never feel under pressure in his company as gym atmosphere can be quite intimidating for some people. Besides all that Daniel is truly an awesome person who genuinely cares about his clients. Anybody looking for a bespoke training in a friendly yet professional environment with great results I would highly recommend him.

    thumb Sonia Mann
    September 28, 2018

    Incredibly knowledgeable, patient and effective Personal Training from Chris Murrat that focuses on mindset, nutrition and technique as much as lifting weights! And a lovely guy to boot. Highly recommended - one of the best PTs in Birmingham.

    thumb Cynthia Miller
    September 28, 2018

    I have been working with Stuart for just under 3 months. In that time , I have lost nearly 2 stone and have gotten back into a healthy routine. His knowledge of 'what works' really shows. He keeps me focused and his engaging personality makes it a pleasure to work out with him.

    thumb Chris Fenton
    September 28, 2018
  • Have been training with Stuart for several years...great service, very good technical advice and support to keep motivation high

    thumb Olivier Varnier
    September 28, 2018

    I worked with Bodytransformation during Lockdown on their online program. They showed me how to eat and exercise effectively, something i thought was straight forward but obviously not! I lost 2 stone (14kg) and i am pretty sure that if I hadn't have started the program woud have put more weight on! The guys are so professional and genuniely care about your result, highly reccomended!

    thumb Tom Chewings
    February 28, 2021

    If you're looking for bespoke, personable and professional training, Stuart is the guy for you. From nutritional advice, to adaptable work out plans, he offers all the support and advice you need to achieve your goals. After a back injury, with Stuart’s help a plan of rehabilitation was started, gradually increasing in intensity. Within a month I was completely cured and back to playing the sport I love. Stuart has a vast knowledge of the human body and is very professional and friendly in his approach. I would highly recommend body transformation.

    thumb Darshan
    September 28, 2018
  • Couldn’t recommend Chris more! Completely changed my outlook on food and the gym and I love it! My body shape has changed loads and I’ve never felt more confident!

    thumb Charl
    September 28, 2018

    I have trained with Stuart for some years now and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as well as benefitting from his deep knowledge of flexible training techniques. Iin addition to his technical knowledge, his humour makes the sessions a pleasure.

    thumb Brian Griffiths
    September 28, 2018

    I’ve known Chris for 7 years in total now. I had a break from training for a few years when my children were young and work took over. I needed to get back to training. Chris is the ultimate professional and has always got the best out of me. He motivates and tailors a programme to help achieve individual goals. This includes exercise, lifestyle and a change in mind set. My body shape is changing again and I feel great! Importantly this is all done in a non-judgemental way and is fun!! I now have the confidence to go to the gym independently too. I can not recommend him and body transformation more highly

    thumb Dhruv Parekh
    September 28, 2018